Monogram Etiquette

What began as a way for ancient Greek cities to mark their currency later evolved as a sign of aristocracy during the Victorian era, a method to mark one’s property like table linens and other family heirlooms. Today, it has become a popular style to brand’s oneself, family, or company.

When placing your monogram order, please provide us with the exact information in each text box. We will place the initials accordingly into the monogram style you have selected.

When typing a name or a phrase please provide the upper and lower case capitalization as you would like it shown on your monogrammed item. Make sure that the letters you want in capital lettering are typed that way, and the same goes for lower case. If you want text divided into two lines, please indicate so with a /. For example, if you were monogramming a couples name and their wedding date, please provide the text as Jennifer and William Smith / July 15, 2015.

We will select the placement that best fits your product unless otherwise indicated in the special instructions box. Any questions or concerns regarding how to place your order, please call 1.773.529.0100.

The rules of monogramming can be confusing. Here are a few guidelines and to help you make to help you decide your monogram style:

  • Monograms for women: The last initial goes in the middle, and is larger than the other two.
  • Monograms for men: All letters are the same size and the order is first, middle, last initial. It is also common now to have the last initial in the middle and larger than the other two.
  • Monograms for newlyweds: Traditionally, the monogram consists only of the woman's initials, with her new last-name initial in the middle, larger. Today, it’s very popular to have her first initial, his first initial, and their shared last initial in the middle larger than the other two.
  • If you're doing a monogram, go with the legal name. Don’t use a nickname unless you are only monogramming the nickname as a first name on the item.
  • As an alternative to the three-letter initial, try a single letter with two dots on each side or the single initial with square border.
  • Some initials don't always look good in a monogram or as the first letter like I, K, and L. Instead, consider running the initials straight across, or use the last name.
  • Do something fun like putting an address on a guest towel or monogram a cosmetic bag with a wedding hashtag on it.