Ready to work together & design your dream invitations?
Here’s a peek at how it all works -

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The Meet Cute

Our initial meeting will take place at our brick and mortar in Lincoln Park. During this first meeting we want to get to know you as a couple, hear about your wedding plans, and discuss your overall dream aesthetic for the big day.

We’ll walk you through the printing methods and paper selections we offer, and present you with some of our wedding books to explore based on your preferences. This is your time to take pictures and confetti our books with sticky notes to mark your favorite options.

Typically, this appointment takes 1-1.5 hours, but we are happy to accommodate your schedule as best as we can.
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The Courtship

Once we’ve narrowed down your favorites, we’ll provide you with a quote for your selections either during your initial appointment or shortly after by email.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have about wording etiquette, content, and design. We welcome you to make additional appointments to come and flip through the books again.

It’s important to us that we find an invitation option that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.
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The Proposal

After you’ve confirmed your design and we have finalized wording, you get to say, “I do” to your invitations! Once your contract has been signed and payment has been received, the official design phase begins.

Typically, you will receive a digital proof within 2-3 business days. During this step in the process, you may request edits of your proof if something doesn’t sit right with you upon first impression. Just keep in mind your proofing period will then vary based on the number of edits you request!
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The Big Day

Once you’ve decided your final proof is everything you’ve ever wanted, we send them to print. Once production begins, no further changes can be made. After they’ve been printed and delivered, we’ll do a little happy dance on your behalf and give you a call to let you know they’re ready to be picked up!
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The Extras

While invitations might be the most important paper you order for your big day, they’re far from being the last paper items you’ll need. We’re here to help you select any additional paper or gifts including couples’ stationery, programs, menus, cocktail napkins and matchboxes to make your wedding day even more personal.
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The Honeymoon

Perhaps the sweetest part of this all, is the friendship we develop with our clients. We keep in touch, squeal with delight over the wedding photos you send us, and hopefully, celebrate more milestones with you down the road... New homes! Babies! Puppies!